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Swiftly and effectively deal with worker’s comp claims and help employees reenter the workforce

Cut Worker’s Comp Costs

Our financial tools give you the ability to cut your workers comp costs in multiple ways. Our charts and graphs will enable you to determine which injuries cost your business the most money, allowing you to focus on those injuries and injury causes. Modwatch will also audit and track the reserves set for your employee’s injuries. By comparing reserves set with actual costs, you can avoid over-reserving, ultimately saving you money on your premiums.

Reduce Employee injuries

Our analytics section help you to easily identify commonalities between injuries, enabling you to identify areas where safety may need to be improved. Our extensive list of reports allow you to analyze which employees are getting injured, how they are getting injured, and the severity of each case.

Create a Safer Workplace

Modwatch makes it easy to manage your businesses safety meetings. In just a few seconds we give you the tools to create an agenda, schedule, and invite attendees to your meeting. You can also share any of the systems risk and injury reports with those responsible for safety within your organization to ensure any safety issues are addressed and eliminated.

Get Employees Back to Work

Much of the worker’s comp claim process happens between the employee and the insurance company, leaving businesses blind and out of the loop. Modwatch offers an all-encompassing calendar and task manager so you can keep track of the time your employees are out of the workplace, working with restrictions, and upcoming doctor’s appointments. Now it’s easy to keep track of important dates without relying on your claims adjuster.

Provide Hassle-Free Injury Management

Managing your company’s workers comp is as easy as completing an incident report. By entering an employee’s injury into Modwatch the data can be sent directly to any insurance company, is used for all of our reports and analytics, and is automatically added onto the companies OSHA log. Additionally you can take notes, set reminders, and communicate directly with adjuster right from the system.

Ensure Easy OSHA Log Completion

Modwatch automatically completes and updates your yearly 300 and 300a forms as soon as any incident or information is added to the system making sure that your company’s OSHA log is always up to date. The forms can be saved as pdfs or printed directly from the system.

With Modwatch, you are on your way to a safer workplace equipped with insightful reporting and effective management tools!

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