System Features

Worker’s comp is not fun to deal with, but our features make it easier

Task Manager and Calendar

Keep track of all relevant dates – doctor’s appointments, return-to-work dates, injury dates, and safety meetings – to easily follow up when needed.

Multi Entity Function

Control multiple locations or entities with one master login. Compare location data to determine where more attention is needed, or view each location independently.

User Entitlements

Easily assign viewing or editing rights for system users across multiple entities.

Incident Notifications

Get automatic alerts to notify you of new injuries, file updates, reopened cases, or red flags in any reported injury.

Safety Meeting Preparation, Scheduling, and Documentation

Schedule safety meetings, invite attendees, and create a thorough safety meeting agenda including injury review and sign in forms, with a few clicks of a button.

Direct Communication with Claims Adjusters

Reach out to your claims adjuster via email directly from the system to ask questions about the status of a claim, attach files, and submit incident updates.

Injury Documentation Storage and Organization

Keep all important files and documents in one place. Each injury file has a ‘Documents’ section for attaching doctor’s notes, witness statements, or photos. All documents stored in the system can be printed or emailed.

Claims Cost Analysis

Compare costs of worker's comp by type of injury or department, and monitor cost increases or reductions to determine how injuries are affecting your bottom line.

Out-of-Work Monitoring and Tracking

Easily keep track of employees currently out of the workforce or working restrictedly due to injury. Keep track of doctor's appointments and key dates to get your employees back to work smoothly.

Incident Reporting

Save time by reporting the injury a single time. Once the information is entered into the system, the OSHA log is completed and you can notify your insurance company, broker, and/or state with the click of a button.

Injury Analytics

Use the analytics tool to determine why injuries are happening and who they’re happening to, and whether there is a lag in reporting. By analyzing patterns, you can find the root cause of certain injuries and identify areas that may need improvement.

Auto-Fill Features

Automatically populate fields requiring employee information by uploading your employee roster.

Lower your workers compensation rates by tracking and analyzing injuries with Modwatch

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