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Centralize your workflow with features designed to ensure you accomplish more in less time.

Do your 
employees feel unsafe at work?

Brainstorm safety procedures in easily scheduled meetings

Keeping track of relevant dates has never been easier

Having a hard time keeping track of doctor's appointments?

Save time by reporting injuries only once

Is managing
injured employees 
turning into a 
full-time job?

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Employees should
be your biggest asset, not liability

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Hassle-Free Injury Management

Complete incident reports and keep all relevant documents in the system.

Reduce  Employee  Injuries

Identify commonalities between injuries to determine where safety may need improvement.

Get Employees  Back to Work

Keep track of employees time out of the workplace with our smart calendar.

Create a Safer Workplace

Share risk and injury reports, set meetings, prepare agendas, and take notes.

Cut Worker's Comp  Costs

Evaluate cost of injuries, and audit and track reserves.

Ensure Easy OSHA Log Completion

Automatically complete your yearly 300 and 300a forms.